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Toronto's Multilingual Songstress Flavia Abadía Transcends Boundaries with Fusion of English, French, and Spanish In "MALA"

Flavia Abadía, the singer and songwriter based in Toronto, Canada, seamlessly incorporates English, French, and Spanish into her evolving music. Born in France to Colombian and French-Canadian heritage, Flavia effortlessly blends an array of musical genres, including Latin, Moombahton, Hip Hop, House, Vogue, and other global elements.


Flavia Abadía's debut album, "Crossover," hit the right notes in 2021, delighting fans with its success. The music warmly welcomes listeners into a world where diversity takes center stage, solidifying her reputation as an artist who effortlessly breaks boundaries.


With an impressive track record, Flavia's original music has garnered over 2 million cumulative streams, attesting to her widespread appeal and creative prowess.


This is simply another fantastic milestone. As the first and only woman to DJ a Toronto Raptors Game, Flavia Abadía left an indelible mark, delivering a memorable performance of her single “Trumpets (Remix)” during the 2019 Championship Season.


In 2020, she shared the stage with Latin Grammy-Award Winner iLe, and since then, she has continued to delight fans with multiple single releases. Building on this success, she unveiled her first all-Spanish album, "Hacia La Luz," in 2023, accompanied by additional singles.

She keeps the good vibes flowing with a lineup of hits that earned the love and found their place on key Spotify playlists like New Music Friday Canada, Fresh Finds Canada, New Music Friday Latin, Mood Ring, Tropical Rising, Fresh Finds Latin, and Novedades Dembow.


One of these greatest hits is definitely "MALA", a track where Flavia Teaming up with Platinum producer Medylandia,  highlighting the creative synergy between these two musical talents. This reggaeton fusion, blending R&B, Arab, and brass elements, invites listeners to a captivating world where diverse cultures come together.


Both Flavia and Medylandia share a unique background–being half French-Canadian with diverse French/Arab influences from their upbringing and half Latino: Flavia hails from Colombia, and Medy from the Dominican Republic. Collaborating since 2018, "MALA" is one of their latest singles.


The song's lyrics weave a mysterious tale, akin to a cat-and-mouse game or the narrative of two spies attempting to decipher each other's secrets.


'Yo se que tu no sabes que yo se

Que tu eres un bandolero

Soy buena pero aveces tambien

Soy mala cuando yo quiero'


('I know that you don't know that I know

That you are a bandit

I am good, but sometimes too

I am bad when I want to')

As the story unfolds, both characters discover that things aren't always what they seem. A quiet and unspoken attraction emerges, adding a layer of tension. The narrative suggests that a change is on the horizon. The woman shows a rebellious side, while the man carefully maneuvers the situation, finding himself unexpectedly victorious in the end.


As we ease into 2024, Flavia is about to drop something special: her much-anticipated third album, "SALVAJE."


Her voice has already found its way onto some of your favorite playlists, making waves on Spotify's New Music Friday Canada, Fresh Finds Canada, New Music Friday Latin, Mood Ring, Tropical Rising, Fresh Finds Latin, and Novedades Dembow.


Flavia Abadía not only grooves on playlists but has also taken her to stages and events across Canada, the USA, France, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and beyond.


The music scene is soaking up the positive vibes she's bringing, and with "SALVAJE" on the horizon, get ready for your upcoming favorite year release.


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