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UK Artist/Rapper Chima Anya Drops New Single “Everything” in Unprecedented Style

Chima Anya is a Romanian Nigerian British rapper, doctor and musician who has consistently impressed audiences over decades. His unique blend of lyricism and musicality has made him a notable presence in the British rap scene.

His plan for new single “Everything” has been six years in the making…but how?

Chima said: “In a time where it seems to be about everything except the music, this track is a precious reminder for me that actually, the music IS Everything.”

The track is featured on his 2018 album “People Forget”, hence the irony and clear message he wanted to convey.

Paired with the release is a brand new video, creating a sense of successful isolation, with wide shots around Chima symbolising a big empty space around him, his creativity, and how he wants to represent it being “Everything”.

In 2010, his debut LP, "New Day", made the iTunes "Best of Hip-hop" end of year list, an impressive feat for an independent medical professional. The LP showcased his ability to blend his medical knowledge with his passion for hip-hop music.

His most recent album, "Modern Fairytale" was released in 2021, in Collaboration with New Zealands legendary SoulChef and has exceeded 1,000,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Aside from his musical career, Chima Anya is also a qualified doctor. He graduated from medical school at the University of Birmingham in 2007 and works in the UK's National Health Service. Chima's medical knowledge has influenced his music, as he often uses his lyrics to address social issues and promote holistic health education.

As he continues to push the boundaries of rap music, it will be exciting to see what also he has in store for the future.

Everything is out now-

For more information on Chima Anya:

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