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Vancouver Rap Artist Rylan Shamus Releases A New Single "Midnight Madness"

Vancouver rap artist Rylan Shamus is bringing a new style to the industry with his latest single release. "Midnight Madness" tells Rylan's story about his life experiences and struggles with drug addiction in his past.

Rylan Shamus's music can help people achieve goals, gain motivation, strive for determination, and focus on mindset to change their lives. "Midnight Madness" is a perfect mix of vintage hip hop beats and dynamic diversity. Listeners will be sure to connect with the artist and his blueprint of the track.

Rylan Shamus is the real mastermind behind the single "Midnight Madness." The artist stated that he "put a lot of thought and work into the song." Which makes him more than an artist because he wrote the song, produced it, recorded, and engineered it himself. Rylan's past inspired him to create such a masterpiece to release to his fans worldwide and people similar to him that can relate to the music's subject.

Listen to Midnight Madness Here

Keep up with Rylan Shamus on social media and music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @rylan_shamus

Facebook: Rylan Shamus


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