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WE Junior to Release New Single "All Knows" On September 30th

Atlanta, Georgia, September 27, 2022 - Montreal-born artist WE Junior returns with his next single entitled "All Knows” to be released on September 30th.

WE Junior, the project led by the Montreal-based artist Wilfrid Junior Estimable, began in the early 2000s. Following his release "All Down" last spring, he returns with his second single "All Knows” due ou Septembre 30th. Wilfrid Jr Estimable is a multi-talented artist who is at once his project's producer, songwriter and video director. Creatively, the project can be compared to  Tyler The Creator's, which combines poetry, photography and cinema with various musical influences like jazz, hip-hop, pop, neo-soul, electronic and classical.

Inspired by the pandemic, "All Knows" is an experimental sequence of pop, rap and neo-soul music. WE wants to encourage us to choose our path and respect our values, no matter what our origins. Sometimes disturbed by the massive quantity of noise around the world - the different influences and trends - we sometimes forget why we exist. Even after tragic events we can get lost in the shimmer of popularity and the current moment and stop moving forward.

An innovative conceptual project never seen before in Quebec, WE Junior pushes us to the limit and into a unique reflection. Accompanied by two short films, "All Knows” is part of a series, a sequel in its own right, stemming from an album to be released in early 2023. Using an analogy involving roads and telephone lines, the artist challenges us on the person we would like to be - overcoming our fears, accepting the challenge of the unknown, by picking up the phone. The phone call is a bit like Russian roulette, you never know who is going to pick up or call.

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