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Winning over the Masses with “No Longer Welcome”: This is Kenny Buttons

With a brand new single and an album ready for release, emerging artist Kenny Buttons is reviving the scene of Hip Hop and Latin music singlehandedly and will take over the musical world pretty soon.

Manhattan, New York – October 25th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Kenny Buttons is a massive force to be reckoned with in the world of music. With a bunch of singles released over the years along with a pretty solid album, the artist has gained significant experience so far in his musical career. In order to take his career further, Kenny Buttons released a brand new single titled “No Longer Welcome” a couple of months back.

With the release of the single on August 16th, 2021, the rising artist is looking forward to getting his sound out there for people around the world to enjoy and admire. Available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more, “No Longer Welcome” is a beautiful blend of haunting strings and outstanding melodies. The vocal performance on the song, dominated by emotionally delivered notes, along with catchy instrumentation is a work of art on its own. The single is bound to meet the high expectations of music lovers of multiple genres and will leave the listeners in awe. Apart from the digital version of the single, a music video was also released on YouTube. Uploaded on Kenny Button’s official YouTube channel on September 12th, 2021, the video for “No Longer Welcome” has gained almost 20k views in a span of one month. With such impressive figures across various platforms, the single was bound to be a smash hit of Kenny’s musical career.

In addition to “No Longer Welcome”, the dedicated artist also has a brand new album titled ‘The Gift’ in store for his loyal fans. “No Longer Welcome” is the first single out and more hot singles will be released ongoing from his album. Written, produced, arranged, and performed by Kenny Buttons himself, the talented artist is a complete package. From singing opera level octaves to producing your favorite vibe in any genre of music, there’s nothing Kenny Buttons can’t do. He encapsulates the definition of a true creative. This diversity and ability to create anything from scratch is what makes him stand out amongst other artists. His main sources of motivation are his children and his progress and growth. The artist believes in working hard and striving towards achieving your dreams, no matter what.

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Kenny Buttons is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, and ultra-magnetic producer. Born & raised in the Bronx NY, he was 1 of 9 children and the 2nd oldest. His love for music started when he was 4 years old.

Inspired by music, this singer/songwriter/producer artist works every day to raise the bar creatively with every record that he makes. And it shows in his body of amazing works that span across many genres.


Kenny Buttons Name: Agent Angel Q Email:


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