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With Versatility and Energy in every Hip Hop and Rap Single, Rising Performer LeonTheDon

Known for his creative performances and fashionable attire, LeonTheDon is crafting quite the unique persona for him in the world of pop, hip-hop, and rap.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021- Very few artists come to mind when one thinks of performers who are adept at not only writing brilliant pop, hip-hop, and rap music, but also incredible at singing it. Leon Beard, who prefers to go by his stage name ‘LeonTheDon’, however, definitely comes to mind. Having established a respectable reputation as one of the most versatile and energetic artistic talents in the industry today, LeonTheDon is garnering quite the attention from fans and critics alike.

What makes LeonTheDon truly unique is the fact that he has such a diverse array of musical talents and production knowledge at his disposal. He recently started to take music seriously, and quickly found his niche and inspiration – the ability to adapt music to become whatever you are feeling and whatever you are thinking. With his friends and family supporting every move, LeonTheDon was bound for the successes he has gotten on his journey thus far. It is what makes his latest EP titled ‘LTD’ so popular.

A multitasking expert, everything that needs to be done to produce an EP is done by him – from writing, to singing, to directing and producing. His best friend Noah Engel, who goes by ‘Forti’, helps him with sound engineering. Listeners can feel LeonTheDon’s glee when they listen to the music he so passionately created, which is why his latest EP ‘LTD’ is making serious numbers on Spotify.

Go to to download his music. For interviews, reviews and collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist via email and follow him on Instagram to stay updated.


Leon Beard, who goes by LeonTheDon, is a rapper and singer who produces and writes his own music. Deeply in love with the creative process, LeonTheDon aspires to create imaginative melodies and tracks that are as versatile as they are energetic. Being a fan of all genres of rap and punk rock, he uses his childhood influences to create his own unique melodies with the sole purpose of creating a positive influence on the lives of his fans.


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