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Young Rapper Jxdah Goes Against the Grain in New Drill Track ‘White Tee’ Accompanied by Visuals

“Bit of warmth and soul coming through on this otherwise cold cut. Bit of a Laroi, Drake vibe for sure.” - Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

Gold Coast rapper Jxdah has dropped his new self-produced track ‘White Tee’, a darker take on drill energised with heart-on-your-sleeve lyricism and edgy melodic vocals. It comes as the lead single to his upcoming EP ‘Therapy’. Igniting the track with fire verses by Jireh and DrippyK, ‘White Tee’ is all about having a fresh start and doing things on your own accord. Coming in strong following an orchestral breakdown and a clever head-boppin beat-switch (co-produced by FREQNCS and mix and mastered by Don Sahand), Jxdah takes it home with the final verse in true Travis Scott-like fashion. On the single, Jxdah said, “I feel like music is a way to reach people personally, and for me personally, music has been a way to persevere through my highs and lows. Whenever I went through shit, music was a way to express how I feel, so to bless other people with something therapeutic is my dream.” With Jtean of the @apatheticboys collective as the mastermind behind the visuals, assisted by Tom Nakayama and Alex Free, the ‘White Tee’ music video features an array of shots throughout the Gold Coast as a claim to their city. “Acting out what you speak is something that has always sat with me, so I felt like this music video had to also become a statement visually that it is time to create our sound for the Gold Coast.” When it comes to the uniqueness of sound and raw talent, Gold Coast’s 17 year-old buzzing artist Jxdah is one that never fails to deliver. Born and raised in South Auckland, Jxdah grew up around music with his father being a phenomenal bass player, inspiring him to learn the keyboard. At the mere age of 13, he started producing electronic music and found himself rapping at only 15. Falling in love with the genre, Jxdah released his debut single ‘Edge’ in early 2019, followed by 5 other singles throughout 2020. Slated for release in the coming months, Jxdah’s debut EP ‘Therapy’ promises to be a refreshingly creative body of work that delves into his personal experiences and perception of the world. The independent artist knows exactly where he’s headed and that the only thing holding him back from showing Australia the sound of the Gold Coast is nothing but time. Watch the ‘White Tee’ music video here

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