Get mixtape & playlist placement now on our Indie Artist Mixtape & streaming Platform. We have worked with household names such as Dee-Jay Don Jay, Nutzo, Nothinz Fair, 520, Yung Damon, and Patron to bring you some of the best new and upcoming hip hop.

Mixtape/Playlist Placement

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • 1 Mixtape & 1 Playlist Per Song


    This package also includes:

    • Song will be placed on our upcoming mixtape or playlist.
    • Submit up to 3 songs (only one will be placed).
    • Artist will provide a mixtape drop if possible.
    • Shoutout to 3 people, companies, or group.
    • Free Radio Placement on our new radio app. Over 3K active listeners and paid royalties (UPC and ISRC will be needed)