New Album Release From NYC Artist MAID

Third Eye Power is a 35-minute musical journey orchestrated by NYC hip hop artist, Maid. The initial soundscape starts evoking memories of driving through the streets of California with lively west coast rap vibes. By the third track, “ON THE RUN” the mood takes a flight to the streets of New York, with its daring and gritty sound. Finally the tone is set to to the sunny vibes of somewhere warm, where people’s hips are swaying to the rhythmic melodies to to polish off the sentiment of this album.

What Maid has created with Third Eye Power is hopeful, thought provoking at best, boastful and blunt but for music’s sake it’s easy to listen to, bob your head and even sing along with. The lyrical flow is smooth with much charm, while naturally exuding his passion for the mic.