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KNOE Pursues Answers In His Soul-Searching EP ‘Reasons’

In a world increasingly designed to evade the perpetual search for answers, Perth rapper KNOE asks all the unsparing questions in his latest EP ‘Reasons’, an artistic journey of inquiry littered with figments of passion, anxiety, love, and realisations.

Inspired by the dusty vinyl crackle and swingy drums, KNOE paints picturesque, and sometimes shocking imagery of anxiety, love, crime, and the polarising thoughts of an independent artist in a world pressured by consumerism and money.

Of the EP KNOE says, “Every song stands alone as its own thing. But they all point to one overarching theme, the reasons behind action, and the common questions of life - What is the reason for doing what we do every day? Are we happy? Are we doing what we want to do?”

“Mostly I think it represents a change in my life, a prequel to the next episode. I hope people enjoy it for what it is and take from it whatever they want, but I hope in some way the music helps them question something, whatever that may be.”

In a fortifying infusion of modern production and classic hip hop, the EP features eerie nostalgic beats over a biblical cadence that encapsulates the heart and soul of hip hop. With features from the likes of Drapht, Retch, Sambo and Paloma, ‘Reasons’ offers a rich tapestry of sounds and subtle poetic flexes delivered by KNOE’s clever word-play that melt like butter over the obscurity of unique samples.

After working with Grammy Award winning producer !llmind, KNOE has been building his unique sound whilst increasingly becoming a notable artist in Australia’s music scene. His catalogue of features include tracks with Skyzoo and Torae, and has also supported the likes of Action Bronson, David Dallas, Remi, and Spit Syndicate.

Although ‘Reasons’ stands on it’s own as a body of work, the young rapper has said that it’s been a “creative tool for something bigger, the calm before the storm”. Having already built a strong following and foundation, KNOE is on the rise to becoming one of Australia’s most inventive artists.




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