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AL99 has Amped up the Vocal Quotient with the New Playlist '2099' in Instrumental Hip Hop

AL 99 has quashed all myths through his brilliant artistry in the playlist '2099'. The exotic music stands out in instrumental hip hop by the Arizona music artist.

Phoenix, Nov 7, 2019 ( - AL99 is a stupendous musician who has dished out the most magnificent performance in the playlist '2099' which a repertoire of instrumental hip hop. The instrumentations are 'Deeper', 'Heartless', 'Sneak', 'Hallucinate' and 'Beyond' that are part of the playlist by the Arizona music artist AL99 . The instrumental hip hop delivered by the musician is significantly different from the musicians of his era. He has his own production house called 'TPC' as he makes his mark in productions. The journey of the musician began from the city of New Jersey and he has left an indelible mark on the audience. To know more about the whereabouts of the musicians, you can log on to his Twitter profile.

In the playlist '' there is some brilliant instrumentation that has been delivered by AL99. Instrumental hip hop is a new thing that has captivated the imagination of the listeners. The playlist consist of the instrumentations 'Deeper', 'Heartless', 'Sneak', 'Hallucinate' and 'Beyond'. The hip hop that is part of the instrumentation is quite unexpected and has got a dynamic nature which is quite stunning and superb. The instrumentation has got a classic feel which is also very cool at the same time. To keep a track of the latest photos and videos dished out by the singer, you can log on to his Instagram profile.

AL99 has dished out some scintillating instrumentation in the playlist '2099'. The creativity flourishes in the instrumentations 'Deeper', 'Heartless', 'Sneak', 'Hallucinate' and 'Beyond' in the most stunning way possible. There is a lot of melody in the instrumentation along with punk in the pop. In the music, there is plenty of harmonization which makes it relatable for present-day music lovers. To get a snippet of the musical extravaganza by the musician, you can very well log on to Soundcloud.

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