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Meet 'Self Made FiGi': Brooklyn Native On The Rise

New York Aspiring Hip-Hop Artist "Self Made FiGi" is an American rapper from Brooklyn on the rise.

He is best known for his melodic style of music. Music was always a passion of his since the age of 11 but, never thought to take it seriously. Around October 2019 he decided he wanted to take his musical career serious and so far has some credible accomplishments. One accomplishment is being featured with a mainstream rap artist.

A recent accomplishment would be winning an A/R showcase titled "Major Record Label Showcase" that takes place in Harlem, NY with a panelist of A/Rs from RocNation, Empire, Def Jam, Power 105.1 and Quality Control. This is only the beginning for Self Made Figi. He's on a mission. If you want to stay up to date with his journey in making his big break in the music industry, follow him on Instagram @selfmadefigi and stay in tune.


Stream Self Made Figi Latest Video"Self Made Flows"

Check out his latest single "Checc Up" on All major streaming platforms. Click on your favorite streaming platform below.

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