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Montreal Mistress Of Ceremonies Rapper Chung Interview

“I wouldn’t and rather not compare myself to anyone”, says Montreal based rapper Chung. She’s coolly composed, confident and in control of the situation. Chung is passionate about song-writing, dope beats & imagery. Check out her latest single “S.I.G” produced by Knut Funk and other releases below…

How did you get started?

Got started recording in an old acquaintance apartment on Walkley, NDG, Montréal. I used to freestyle with friends for fun, until I was convinced to bring it to the Studio. I’ve been having fun with it on & off since then, which was at a young age in 2009.

Who would you compare you style too?

I wouldn’t and rather not compare myself to anyone. There are a few artist such as, Conway, Eto, Mach Hommy & so on who inspired me to get back into the studio and rap over these soulful sampled/grimey beats which I love and came up listening to as a younging… (Dipset, GFK/Wu, Lox, etc..)

How do you pick your beats?

I choose my beats like I choose my herb, whichever’s loud and hitting in that moment— I’ll take it. lol!

What inspires you to write, whats your process??

Whenever I write/wrote was strictly because it was therapeutic and a way to exercise with words and keep the mind sharp. I’m not easily inspired, people don’t motivate me. I write when I feel like it and to whichever instrumental fits my mood best at the time. Simple as that.

What obstacles if any you’ve had to over being a female rocking the mic?

As a woman spitter, I’ve had to overcome obstacles such as, building/starting projects with producers to eventually stop working with these men, due to them wanting to sleep with me. Fucking up the bag cause they’re in their feelings that’s wasted time right there. Needing and trusting ppl to help me get to another level is an obstacle of mine as well because I truly dislike asking for help. Something I’m working on.

Any new projects?

I am working on dropping a project very soon. I’ve been putting out singles here and there to get my feet wet again and to see the feedback to know if I should continue— pushing to drop another video in February and the project should come right after.

Favorite mob movie?

I’m obsessed with Mob movies & I don’t have just 1— Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, The untouchables, Black Mass, the new “Irishman” movie shot up to my top 5 for sure.

If you could join the mob what famous family would you belong too?

I’d belong to the Bonanno or Gambino family. And I’d get it poppin to…

If you could emcee/rap with anybody living or dead who’d would it be??

I would love to collaborate with the great Tony Starks aka GFK, Jim Jones, Mach Hommy, Anderson Paak.. I wouldn’t mind doing a party joint with Megan TS, her flow’s on point.

Favorite thing to do on a date?

Favourite thing to do on a date would be anything besides going out to eat (trying to get to know one another whole foods rolling around in your mouth is not cute) SO, the gun range, bowling or for drinks/dancing, or some thing I’ve never done before. Putting me onto some new/fly shit gains major points.

Last words or shout outs?

I’d like to shout out/show love to the people, podcasts, blogs who shared or showed appreciation of my pen/work so far, the producers who blessed me with the fire beats I’ve touched, Browne M&D, Myself, and Allah! Peace & Stay tuned, luvs. 1.

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