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50 Year Old Artist Moab Low Proves He Got What It Takes

Moab Low is a 52-year-old rapper from the cellblock. His story is encased in his lyrics which tells the real reality and true elements of a street-life mentality: drugs, crime, prison, and death; which is, the unfortunate ideology of most underprivileged children throughout the urban communities and Moab Low’s music tells the harsh reality of the degradation, insanity, inconstancy, sorrow, pain, addiction, misery, &, etc.; which is thuggin, or its modern term trappin….

Moab Low does this to give realistic illustrations and hard lessons learned to all those harboring or living the type of life that Moab Low is illustrating. Moab Low music is a sincere painful and soulful expression of his soul, the same soul, and spirit the Great-Late Tupac Shakur possessed. My journey has begun…

After 2 decades of priso life, Moab Low music, as a true statement and attestment of the struggle of the everyday ghetto child trying to advance in life under the wrong ideology, influenced by illicit illusions that captivates impressionable young minds; and these expressions from his soul is only to provide comfort to those who need it.

“This is My Heart, My Soul….No Cap”.

These Expressions, which are, a raw-vivid-harsh depiction of his uncut life story; is a story, which is destined to become theirs, if the science isn’t heeded…..Its, unfortunately, the science of this evil life we’ve committed our mindsets too.

From My Heart and Soul, he stand on the platform left by Tupac Shakur (prison interview time stamp 35:35, Listen closely to him…..prophecy.

He is not trying to replace a King, only re-establish his throne…..

Pay Attention and link in with me the one and only…Moab Low

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