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60 East and Krate Killer's Collaborative Masterpiece: "Don't Be Gone"

"Don't Be Gone" stands out as the compelling new single from the dynamic duo of 60 East and Krate Killer. Their collaboration began with the creation of the song "Krate Killers" on 60 East’s "The Freeway Series 4" project, after connecting online. This initial partnership led to a deeper musical collaboration, resulting in the creation of the Krate Killers EP—a 10-track project comprising 6 new songs, 3 instrumentals, and a remix of their original collaboration.

As the flagship single for the EP, "Don't Be Gone" seamlessly melds 60 East's evocative lyricism with Krate Killer's adept production, offering listeners a captivating sonic journey. The track, marked by its infectious beat and introspective verses, delves into themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams. The synergy between 60 East's distinctive flow and Krate Killer's innovative production yields a musical experience that resonates with authenticity, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the remaining tracks on the EP. "Don't Be Gone" not only showcases the duo's artistic prowess but also emerges as a standout piece within their collaborative repertoire.

Scheduled for online release everywhere on December 15th, the Krate Killers EP is a highly anticipated project. Alternatively, enthusiasts can secure a free download of the EP now at WWW.SIXTYEAST.NET

Stream Don’t Be Gone:

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