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917 Rackz Shows Us "What NYC Sounds Like" in New Visual

Up and Coming rapper 917 Rackz takes on Drill in new music video release, as he raps over different drill beats from popular New York Drill Rappers. The track title speaks for itself, "What NYC Sounds Like" which is a great approach to one of the most popular sub rap genres in hip hop music. 917 Rackz didn't disappoint as he started off stating he "feel like the king of his city," which is a bold statement but can easily be backed up by his consistent and work ethic. From the delivery to the style, 917 Rackz makes a drill rapper seems like nature with every bar sticking to the dome like a magnetic field pulling you closer.

917 Rackz is definitely one of our favorite artist on the radar for 2022. He is not the average artist but makes it know he has what it takes t be in the industry. "What NYC Sounds Like" makes you appreciate the artistry of 917 Rackz creativity and flow. So, don't hesitate to hit the play button above and witness a future musical genius in the making.

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