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Abyss Drops New Single "The Shining" ft. Tragedy Prod. by Abyss (Cuts by DJ Slipwax)

Massachusetts-based rapper Abyss collaborates with Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi to deliver a track of distinctive gravitas. "The Shining," characterized by its gritty boom-bap style, merges Abyss' razor-sharp lyrics with a self-produced barrage of hard drums and ominous instrumentation. To round off the track we also get expertly crafted cuts from veteran turntablist DJ Slipwax. Abyss asserts his lyrical prowess on this track, confidently exhibiting his unique blend of wordsmithing and production mastery. The accompanying visualizer was created by Chow Films.

Listen to/Stream Abyss ft. Tragedy Khadafi -

The Shining prod. by Abyss (cuts by DJ Slipwax)

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IG: @abyssthemc

X: @abyssthemc

Tragedy Khadafi 

IG: @tragedy252

X: @intellihoodlum1

DJ Slipwax 

IG: @dj_slipwax

X: @djslipwax

Chow IG:


X: @Chairman_Chow_

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