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Artist Mystorwe All Set To Release A New Album - #HHOE

Presenting the work of Splitfinga Entertainment owner & Streets Love Life HipHop Artist

Artist Mystorwe, the founder of Splitfinga Entertainment, has released his latest album, ‘Universal Language.’ The talented hip-hop and rap artist is fast on his way to receiving widespread recognition and appreciation for his work. The first-ever album Mystorwe, released via Splitfinga Entertainment, was titled ‘Musical Politics.’ A work of collaboration, the album also included artist QueThArtist, and it was a part of the series recorded as Streets Love Life. Mystorwe, later on, went to record another album under the same series. He was also active as a producer and had, in fact, produced and written on both albums that were released as Streets Love Life.

A passionate musician, Mystorwe has continued his talent for production in other solo projects for fellow artist QueTheArtist, Spicey K and other artists from his company, Splitfinga Entertainment. In total, this hard-working and highly experienced musician has six albums that he has released as a solo artist plus two albums that come under Streets Love Life.

Mystorwe’s music journey did not start with the founding of his Entertainment Company. Long before it was founded, the artist was recording and making appearances on a variety of projects. These include The Sicnic Soundtrack All Purpose Treatment, Tory’s Cold Turkey, and Bound By Brothers mixtapes. He has been using his exceptional talents for music in several projects for a while. However, the founding of his own company put a booster in the artist’s career as he started to focus more on his capabilities as a musician.

The latest album from the artist Mystorwe can be found on all main social media and music streaming platforms. An enjoyable bundle of compositions, the album ‘Universal Language’ is true to its name and communicates across language boundaries. Its music, great delivery, beats, and catchy-ness will appeal to all and become an instant favorite.

Artist Mystorwe is open to reviews, collaborations, and interviews for his music. For more information on him, please click here.


Artist Mystorwe, named Maurice R. Cudio, is a rapper/ hip hop musician. Based in Spencer, Oklahoma, Splifinga Entertainment Company and owner, Mystorwe, are making waves in the music industry with their new style and catchy rhythms since the early 90’s

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