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BanditKid Drops Stunning Collaborative Track

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022 – A fantastic trio which is ready to charm and stun audiences, BanditKid, BanditSlim, and DirtReid mark a resurgent entry with their hit new collaboration- “LateNights EarlyMornings.” Having dropped for all audiences on October 8th, 2022, the new single is available for streaming on BanditKid’s official music platforms.

A compelling and inspiring new single, “LateNighs EarlyMornings,” is yet another honest, bold, and characteristically appealing drop by BanditKid. The artist’s awe-inspiring lyricism and resonant vocals are fittingly complemented by BanditSlim of The MoneyTrain Bandits, as well as DirtReid of SFE.

“LateNights EarlyMornings” displays an animated yet laid-back, chilled-out vibe, putting audiences in the right state of mind, no matter how they may be feeling. While the Rap and Hip Hop genres continue to grow around the world, few rising stars are able to deliver tracks that hold power and depth to move audiences- a feat at which MoneyTrain Recordings’ BanditKid excels.

“The music I make is real rap… sometimes you might be listening, and you’ll hear my voice cracking because the pain is real, the loss of my homies or relatives is real, the chances we took are real, the long nights are real, the time I spent in jail is real and the grind is most definitely real,” says the artist regarding his music style.

Motivated by his nieces and nephews, who love his music and are inspired each day by his own drive and passion for music, BanditKid continues to excel and evolve. Having been making music for a long time, the artist hopes to keep growing and reaching as many listeners as possible. He plans to follow the new single with three more original Rap tracks before the end of the year.

BanditKid, BanditSlim, and DirtReid will also be performing on October 27th for the Bigga Rankin and TampaMystic Industries Most Wanted Showcase at Crazy Atlanta, at 8 pm.

Stream, buy, and download BanditKid and The MoneyTrain Bandits’ new music on all music streaming platforms, and share the music pages to spread the word! Subscribe and Follow Bandit Kid and The MoneyTrain Bandits on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. For interviews, collaborations, and/or reviews, you can reach out through the artist’s email:


BanditKid is a skilled singer-songwriter who has been a part of The MoneyTrain Bandits, writing and producing music as the CEO of MoneyTrain Recordings. Having been making original singles for almost 20 years, the artist remains inspired by his hardworking team and loving family to create something new each time he puts his pen to paper.

With a strong belief that his team has all that it takes to bring back real Hip Hop and Rap music, BanditKid is confident that he will outshine any competition. With a focused goal of quitting his job and turning his attention towards music full-time, the MoneyTrain Recordings frontman hopes to make compelling ‘dope’ hits and give the world something fresh to listen to and experience!


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