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Benny Blass Presents His Latest Endeavor, ‘Phase Five’

Raised during the height of Tupac and the start of Jay Z, Benny Blass was inspired from an early age by hip hop. Today, he’s a rapper and owner of his own label, QG Ent. With over a decade to his name, he’s continuing to spread his reach with his 2020 release, ‘Phase Five.’

Out now, ‘Phase Five’ presents an urban sound everyone knows but takes it to unfamiliar territory. Blending political sounds with that Northwest slap, Benny Blass presents a dozen tracks that are guaranteed to make this mixtape a hood classic. Songs like “My Love” and “Don’t Trip” showcase just how raw his delivery is, while “Slow It Up” and “Stop” are personal triumphs produced by the emcee himself. From start to finish, ‘Phase Five’ is an undeniable treat for hip hop fans around the world. 

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Born Benjamin Allotey Jr, Benny Blass immersed himself in hip hop at a young age. While his peers solely found music entertaining, Benny recognized the lyrical quality and the importance of where hip hop was heading when he listened to the likes of Jay Z and Tupac. He would later take those sentiments and imply then to his art. Which is what he has been doing for the past 15 years as a recording artist in the studio and on the road performing throughout the western part of the United States. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, reviewing ‘Phase Five,’ or interviewing Benny Blass for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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About: Benny Blass presents his latest release, ‘Phase Five,’ out now. 

Contact: Benny Blass Benjamin Allotey Jr 503-954-9437

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