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BIG MEEZY Makes Waves with New Video Single 'I GOT IT TOO'

In the dynamic world of hip hop, emerging artist BIG MEEZY has just dropped a bombshell with his latest single, "I GOT IT TOO". The track is a raw and unfiltered journey through the streets, showcasing BIG MEEZY's gritty authenticity and unapologetic lyrical prowess. This isn't just another song; it's a statement, a declaration of self-sufficiency and street smarts in a world where only the strongest thrive.

"I GOT IT TOO" is a masterclass in hip hop storytelling, with BIG MEEZY painting a vivid picture of life on the streets. The lyrics are a mix of defiance, ambition, and raw reality, set against a backdrop of hard-hitting beats and rhythmic mastery. MEEZY's style is reminiscent of hip hop's golden era, yet it feels fresh and relevant for today's audience. The chorus, "You got some, we got them too," echoes like a mantra, symbolizing resilience and the ability to match and surpass challenges.

This single is more than just a song; it's an anthem for those who have faced adversity and come out stronger. BIG MEEZY doesn't just rap about the street life; he narrates it with the credibility of someone who has lived it. "I GOT IT TOO" is poised to resonate with fans across the hip hop community, cementing BIG MEEZY's place as a rising star in the genre. Keep an eye out, because if this track is anything to go by, BIG MEEZY is just getting started.


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