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Blackistan Entertainment Signs New Artist Swole - #HHOE

Here’s An Exclusive Look at Swole’s New Single

Bainbridge, Georgia – Hip Hop has come back with a vengeance. While a whole genre of music can never really disappear, new emerging artists are making the whole world take another look at the genre. Among these brilliant new artists is the latest new hip hop star signed to Blackistan Entertainment, Swole!

Blackistan Entertainment was started by Toshambi R Osborne AKA Swole as a way to promote parties. The Facebook page that started it off was where Swole started to upload freestyle raps, which were incredibly popular in his region. After numerous requests to start making music, Swole took it upon himself and started to produce music.

His music quickly became a topic of discussion and caught the attention of many. The attention led him to open for artists such as DaBaby, Ball Greezy, Lil Boosie, Peewee Longway, and other incredible acts. His success has propelled the company, Blackistan Entertainment, who has now signed its newest artist!

Swole has struggled his way to the top, using any means of survival in the cut-throat world we live in. Looking for ways to express and emote, he turned to music. Music for him became the ultimate way to showcase everything he felt, and his latest artist Swole echoes the same sentiment.

The kind of music Swole and Migo Montana (Marquevius Osborne) are producing and releasing inspires and motivates anybody who listens. Whether it is love or the world, they have a way with words that makes you want to listen to more. The new track Swole has released will have your heart bursting with emotion. It is a soulful and heart-wrenching piece that will have you dialing your loved one.

The newest Hip Hop artist on the block, Swole, has released his latest song ‘When Can I See You.’ The music and video are reminiscent of a time when Hip Hop reigned king in the music industry. Swole’s latest song leaves the world hungry for more from this talented new artist.

For more information about Swole and his new music, you can head to


Swole is the latest new Hip Hop artist on the scene. Recently having signed with Blackistan Entertainment, the new artist is rapidly climbing the ladder of fame. His music is reminiscent of a forgotten era of Hip Hop combined with a modern twist. His latest song ‘When Can I See You’ is out on all platforms, ready to be streamed!


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