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Blaq Carrie Comes Into Her Own With Debut Album ‘RUWA’

Brisbane-based Zimbabwe rapper Blaq Carrie falls into her own with the release of her

highly anticipated debut album ‘RUWA’.

The 9-track album showcases BC’s versatility and highlights the ever changing journey of

her artistry. BC unfolds beautifully within ‘RUWA,’ leaving no facet of her life untethered,

stripped bare for the world to hear and see.

BC’s raps with conviction, whether she’s emancipating herself on ‘2010,’ tracing back her

roots on ‘Africa On My Mind’ to the smooth and vibrant track ‘Catch Me If I Fall,’ a song

that screams vulnerability and strength, the album sees BC move mountains of emotions

through her music.

On how she feels about finally releasing the album, BC says, “I feel I have definitely

punched through the ceilings with ‘RUWA.’ Being a rapper in Brisbane has it’s pros and

cons. I feel its great when you create but without a good booking agent you will

unfortunately be stamped as the local supporting act whose’s always opening for others

from interstate, this is just one of the issues I rap about in the album.”

“What I want is for everyone to see my versatility and how much I’ve grown. I’ve created 9

solid tracks for every type of ear.”

With talent oozing from her pores, BC is an independent artist who also created her own

label. Having maintained a strong presence in the scene, BC was born and raised in

Zimbabwe and is now based in Brisbane, Australia.

After releasing her debut single ‘Let There Be Hope’ in 2013 she experienced a break-out

year, winning the Triple J Unearthed Spring Hip Hop Festival competition and winning the

Queensland Music Award ‘Best Urban Song’ and the Australian Independent Award and

Music Video Award as well. BC is ready to make 2021 her year.

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