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BurnaMaleik Is Turning Up the Week By Releasing 6 New Tracks For His Fanbase

BurnaMaleik continues to deliver by releasing six new tracks, one track every day this week. He has released a few tracks so far and still, he has a couple to go. BurnaMaleik is showcasing his versatility with these records, giving us a few of the signature sounds he is known for. After the first few songs, we are anticipating the final one to be epic.

The numbers in hip-hop for top quality music have been on the downfall for quite some time. Unfortunately, the numbers seem to be rising once again, with upcoming artist BurnaMaleik making a significant impact with his signature style of rap. He sets the bar even higher than before with his versatile lyrical rap content and extraordinary wordplay in the new song "Do or Die."

BurnaMaleik nurtures a hip-hop infused with a melodic R&B sound that engraves a spot in the listener's head from the intro to the end of the track. With his outstanding flow pattern and powerful vocals, the rap artist career is heading for success after delivering a series of records this week. Stream "Do or Die" now on all music streaming platforms and digital music stores. Follow at @Burnamaleik On IG for the index drops when they come.

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