Carolina Artist "Va Sol" Prepares for the Takeover

Va Sol is a hip hop artist from Florence SC but currently resides in Charlotte NC where he has been a citizen since January of 2010. He started doing music as an incarcerated teenager in the Juvenile Detention system. That is when he realized he had a gift and wanted to share it with the world. Va Sol has a story to tell and he is determined to tell it.

Va Sol is highly confident and states that he stands fully behind his upcoming project entitled “20 Prime”; he says that, “20 prime is a mixtape full of hits so it should be considered more so an album”. He feels as if this highly anticipated project is going to be his breakthrough into the music industry. There is no longer date on when it will be released but he is working day in and day out to make sure that this could possibly be the album of the year! It will appear on all major streaming platforms.

“I issue service like I’m Spectrum; word around town” words of Va from his song entitled (Ghost). It is one of his most popular songs off of his latest mixtape “Son of a legend” which is out now on S