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Chicano Rapper Representing the Less Fortunate and Underprivileged: Introducing to the World Loke G

With a significant number of tunes released over the last few years and more under production, emerging artist Loke G is take over the musical world by a storm

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2021 - Up-and-coming artist Loke G is an extremely talented musician who possesses incredible expertise in the genre of Rap music. Being a songwriter and rapper, the artist has unparalleled capabilities and skills in terms of music along with valuable experience in hand. Through a combination of these skills and experience, Loke G can be seen making it big in the industry pretty soon. He is all set to release a brand new single next year.

Getting polished to perfection, the single’s release date is set to be March 1st, 2022. Though Loke G has not yet revealed the title of the song, he has shed some light on a few crucial details that would entice his fans for a hit single coming soon. The song involves one of the most talented and underground industry producer, Milton Bradley. While the production process has been carried out by Milton Bradley, the rest of the procedures required to come up with the catchy and compelling tune have been all worked on by Loke G himself. From the writing process of the song, to recording, mixing, and matching it, Loke G did it from scratch to the end. Apart from coming up with original tunes of his own, the determined artist also performs them live for his fans around the world to enjoy and have a good time to. Being an artist and songwriter for years, Loke G has been writing, recording, and performing songs live since the year 2000.

With the release of this brand new single in 2022, the artist is hoping for his unique sound to get out there and bring music lovers, especially Rap music enthusiasts, from all around the world towards his music. Up until now, Loke G has released a whole bunch of singles including “BRUSH IT OFF”, “Standing For Something”, “Candy Sweets”, “Freak Hoes”, “Get Money”, and more. Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world including Spotify and YouTube, the singles are heavily dominated by funky beats and hard-hitting Rap verses. Loke G will continue making music he’s passionate about and embark on this journey with a broader artistic perception in the future.

He wants his fans to visit his website and support him in every possible way.



Born in Houston and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Loke G is a Chicano rapper from Texas. He started rapping in 8th grade back in 1999 and was performing live and recording music the very next year.

His rap name is Loke G, while his group is called KBT. Its stands for Knights of the Brown Table. They make music which shines a light to negative things and connect with people who are going through those similar issues.

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