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Cleveland-Based Rap Artist BOZEA To Release New Single

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Mixing his real-life stories with eclectic tunes, BOZEA’s new track, “Go Hard for It”, is mesmerizing listeners with unique rhythms and tunes.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 - Ready to introduce his eighth single to the world, BOZEA is ready to drop “Go Hard For It”- a track that’s sure to amaze his listeners with its deep lyricism. BOZEA is ready for his moment, and back in the spotlight. Always outputting music that has documented his real-life struggles, BOZEA’s new track tells the tales of his life, all while being a song that’s bound to be one played on repeat. With its heavy beat and smooth composition, it is sure to make listeners get in touch with their groovy side as they sway to the song.

Drawing inspiration from a number of musical greats such as Tupac, Biggie, DMX, and the NWA; BOZEA‘s tracks have always projected their inspirations, something that can be evidently seen with “Go Hard For It”. Not only do the singles complement the old-school classic styles of the great musicians of the past, but they also draw inspiration from the artist’s life, reflecting the tough reality of living on the streets.

The streets of Cleveland have made BOZEA into the man that he is, and they shine through the track showing as we glimpse into his life. Above the club beats of the song lay a deeper interior to the track, as it tells of the hardships of the life that BOZEA and all those on the streets must experience while growing up. Holding up a mirror to himself, the track is the artist reflecting himself.

Stream “Go Hard For It” on YouTube and Spotify. For updates regarding new releases from BOZEA, follow him on his socials at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through email.


Hailing from Ohio – BOZEA has lived and grown up on the mean streets of Cleveland. Living life in the city has not only been a learning experience where the tough life taught him many lessons but has also allowed him to grow into a musician. Bearing the brunt living in the streets, BOZEA turned to the world of Rap in order to get by. Since the young age of 14, music has been a conduit for him to project his experiences and share stories with others.

As he takes inspiration from the greats of rap such as NWA and DMX, BOZEA hopes to carry his city to new heights through his music. His ultimate aspirations are to tell the stories of his life that he has experienced while growing up, and to use them in order to help those on the streets and to make life better for them.


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Jan 09, 2022

Definitely a hit song 🔥


Sep 17, 2021


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