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Coming Out With a Brand New Album: Introducing to the Masses: Stuy-Vic

With Many Singles Already Out and a Number of New Compositions Lined Up for Future Releases, Stuy-Vic is Set to Become the Next Big Hit

SCARBOROUGH, TORONTO, CANADA, September 19, 2021 - Up-And-Coming Artist Stuy-Vic Is a Songwriter, Rapper, and Music Producer, Possessing Incredible Excellence In The Genre Of Hip Hop. With Sufficient Experience In The Scene Of music, the artist considers himself well-equipped to be able to become the next big hit in the music world. For this purpose, he is all set to release his brand new album on which he has been working for quite a while now.

The EP is under works for now, Stuy-Vic perfecting it to the best of his capabilities. Being a songwriter, rapper, and producer, the talented artist is working on the entire EP by himself with a few other talented artists and musicians in the studio. From the writing process to mixing and mastering the incredible tunes, Stuy-Vic has been hitting the studio on a Steady basis, recording compelling songs for the EP. The EP has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by Heavily dominated by rich beats and Range Of Rap Styles, the EP is filled with outstanding songs that are written creatively and produced with such finesse that it is bound to leave a long-lasting impact on the hearts of Hip Hop fans around the world. With overpowering themes of Hip Hop and meaningful lyrics capable of creating impact, the listeners are in for a world-class musical experience. With high-quality sound and a considerate amount of budget this time around, Stuy-Vic is all ready to present Listening And Dancing Pleasure For Fans To Enjoy And Let Loose To, On This project.

Other than the brand new EP, Which Will Be Available Online Wherever Music Is Sold, The Rising Artist Has Also Worked On A Bunch Of Projects Since Starting Out On The Music Scene, His Latest Work Is A Single He Wrote During The First Worldwide Lockdown Due To Covid-19. In The Song, He Beautifully And Very Artistically Expressed His Concerns Regarding The Entire Situation Of The World Also Reflecting Upon His Own Journey, And Of His Presence, The wonderful Play Of Words And The Ability To Tell A Story Through Music Is What Makes Stuy-Vic Unique As An Artist. He Manages To Create An Impact With The Help Of His Art, Eventually Standing Out Amongst Other Similar Acts And Building A Loyal Fan-base.

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Victor Carmichael…Aka Stuy-Vic Also known as Rhymello is an Emcee, Writer, And Music Producer From Toronto Canada He’ Currently In The Studio, Recording Future Projects,

Stuy-Vic Plans To Release Under His Lable Brawn Bred Music Inc. Using CD Baby Distribution, In Anticipation Of His Upcoming EP Stuy-Vic Is Making Available A Single He Wrote During The First Lockdown, Alongside A Party Song, Or “Club Bangga” In Promotion Of This Project

His Motivation Is His Passion, His Dedication Is From His Love And His Determination Is From His Cause.


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Sep 19, 2021

sh#t is garbage g no way you are going to make it

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