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Compton's FT Hopout Drops Bars Behind Bars in New Mixtape "Thank You For Using Securus"

LOS ANGELES, November 5, 2022 – Compton native FT Hopout has released his newest mixtape- from a Men’s Correctional Facility in Nevada. Titled “Thank You For Using Securus”, the mixtape features L.A. producer DamnPocket as the mastermind behind the beats and engineering, and Hopout’s management BTW Entertainment as executive producers. The 6-track project is structured like a real call from prison, with only 15 minutes between the opening message from Hopout and the abrupt “Thank you for using Securus, goodbye!” Being behind bars has not kept the young artist from releasing music, recorded both from his time

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outside and over the state phones from inside. During his incarceration Hopout has taken the time to push the boundaries on the versatility of his flow. While track 4 (I Shot Cupid), was inspired by late L.A. rapper Drakeo, the inspiration for track 3 (Homicide) comes from listening to Detroit-birthed beats. Family and supporters of Hopout take center stage on track 6 (Thank You For Using Securus). While the animated voice reminds you that “you have one minute left”, artists like Eastside K-Boy, TayF3rd, Luxx Tattoos, and many more jump on the line to send their see-you-soons, with the very last voice being Hopout’s own mother. Best known for his breakout single “I’m From Fruits”, which currently holds over 8 million views on YouTube, Hopout has since continued to prove his caliber through his impeccable cadence and word play. What has truly set him apart, and he hopes to inspire in others, is his unshakeable determination. By continuing to show faith in the face of adversity, Hopout hopes to motivate anyone who will listen to believe that no matter the odds, stand firm and you can turn it around. Listen to the project below or click here to stream:


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