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Dukes of DaVille Releases New Album "The Legend of DaVille III"

Ricky B and Jimi Smalls have been vibing and creating together since the turn of the millennium as Dukes of DaVille. Their story isn’t without its low points, but they’ve always managed to overcome, and from that, timeless music that pushes boundaries and sets a precedent for what’s to come. They’ve released two albums already, and are about to drop their third, ‘The Legend of DaVille III,’ out on all major music and streaming platforms July 10, 2020. 

The talented men that makeup Dukes of DaVille found one another when they were just a couple of kids in high school. They performed together and in groups but nothing came of it really until they both found themselves in Atlanta. Several years after situating themselves, Capitol Records came calling. Unfortunately, their A&R rep, Ronnie Johnson, died unexpectedly and the deal was dropped. On their own, they had to face the reality of the ever-changing landscape at the time. Napster was still hurting the music industry, but streaming was just around the corner. 

Stream "The Legend of DaVille III" by Dukes of Daville

With that, they set out to do what they needed to do to stay afloat. They set up their own studio and since then have been able to land deals in terms of music and television. They even have a protege, Aaron Lamont, Jimi Smalls’ son. He grew up taking in everything Dukes of DaVille did which is part of the reason he was able to grow up and thrive as a songwriter. To date, he’s penned tracks for Chris Brown, Gunna, Usher, and more. 

Dukes of Daville dropped two albums in 2019 and will follow that up with the release of 2020’s ‘The Legend of DaVille,’ out July 10, 2020. 

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