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E.L.S, Also Known as Quietloudmouth Leading to Inspire

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Boasting an enriching discography, propelled by his own label, Fam Loyale Music Group, E.L.S is on the right track towards stunning listeners with witty intellect and wisdom, winning hearts and souls.

Stockton, California- June 28th, 2021- Revitalizing Hip Hop, Rap, and Soul genres, E.L.S hails from the neighbourhood between East Buffalo to Northern California, rising into a formidable force in the underground Hip Hop scene.

E.L.S, also known by the identity of The Quietloudmouth,began his journey from the streets of East Buffalo, New York, immersing his craft with unique intellect, wit, and unquestionable grind.

With the release of his soulful group album Street Media in 2009, from the StreetMedia platform, E.L.S rose onward and upward. This was followed by the ‘Port City Official’ project in 2016, and the seasoned artist’s newest album, “Whisper Louder Than Screams”. Having released on February 26th, 2021, “Whisper Louder Than Screams”, is a stirring and captivating mix that is still gaining momentum in the diverse music scene of Rap, shedding light on E.L.S’ unique Hip Hop talents.

The dynamic artist has also featured on Bay Area legend, Messy Marv’s, ‘Musik Fo Da Taliban’ collaborative project with Oakland Staple in the Hip Hop genre, DJ Ammbush. E.L.S also stunned listeners with his prowess depicted on ‘To Live And Ride In LA’, a film featured on ShowTime/Netflix.

Released under his own independent “Fam Loyale Music Group” label, all three of the artist’s releases exhibit a varied yet intriguing Rap style. Currently, the growing artist is sharing his learning and years of talents with his son, T’riq on his debut album, slated for release in the 1st quarter of 2022. In October 2021, E.L.S aims to drop a 20-year anniversary release of “Typical Ni**a”, featuring 20 songs from past releases, to be voted on by fans, called ” Get Reacquainted” along with an 8-track EP, dropping on December 13th, 2021.

Check out E.L.S’ new music by following links to all official music platforms. For more information regarding new releases, reach out through the contact email provided.


E.L.S is a rising new force in the world of Hip Hop, Rap, and Soul music. Quiet in nature, believing actions speak louder than words, the eclectic artist is inspired by a strong sense of humility. E.L.S began writing playfully, in the 6th grade, but never recorded anything until he was 16. The first artist from Buffalo to have a captivating national stage in Hip Hop, E.L.S hails from the same neighbourhood as the Griselda Camp (Montana/May St.).

The seasoned artist has also had experience performing in Hawaii, under the purview of the same management as The Luniz. Forming a local Rap group called Ill Minded, which included the artist, along with contemporaries Big Keef, and Diz, E.L.S soon morphed into the group ‘The Militia’. This was followed by the artist’s first official solo project- an underground classic titled, “Typical Ni**a”.

Working with R&B legend, Raphael Saadiq on both group and solo albums, E.L.S has also shared his musical talents with the likes of Bobby Ozuna, MoSS, Montage One, Ammbush Jake One, Sir. Veterano, The Rolla and Beat Head, and many others in the genre.


Name: E.L.S (Fam Loyale Music Group) Email Address:

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