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Eclectic Recording Artist The Awakening Unveils New EP

With the release of “ENFLAMED”, The Awakening is putting on show a formidable blend of lyricism and rhythms, setting himself apart from budding contemporaries

METROPOLIS, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 – Chapter 2 of 100 Records, “ENFLAMED” marks a new wave of Hardcore music by the Awakening, showcasing a unique and magnetizing mix of sounds and lyricism. Permeating the hearts and minds of listeners with empowering vocal prowess, The Awakening hopes to create an impactful imprint on the very fabric of the genre.

“ENFLAMED” is more than just an EP, it represents a movement to raise voice against whatever one believes is wrong, inspiring listeners to feel the breadth of emotions and experience life, unbridled and free.

“ENFLAMED” adds another unique release on The Awakening’s dynamic and stirring discography, which includes the 2020 EP, “The Heart of a Man” and singles such as “Ridaz 4 Ever”. With each new release, the talented powerhouse hopes to increase streams and wishes to build a fan base, to increase brand presence with more geographical range and reach as many listeners as possible.

More than just a musician, The Awakening is the alter-ego of music recording artist God Son the Brave Prince of Life, which was created due to a Twitter dispute with underground music producer E .Smitty. The Awakening’s first EP ‘Flaming Fire’ soared towards success with the hit song “E.Smitty’s Timeline” – a compelling and captivating diss track by the recording artist.

Listeners of The Awakneing’s music are bound to revel and enthrall in the artist’s unique stylistic elements, seamless connections, and piercing song writing, which present a vibrant, raw, and spiritual flow.

Check out new releases and music by God’s Son the Brave Prince of Life and The Awakening on all music streaming platforms worldwide, and visit the artist’s website for exclusive merchandise and release listings today. Feel free to reach out through the contact information provided for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


God’s Son the Brave Prince of Life, known better as The Awakening, made his music debut in 2018 with a dynamic single titled “We Are the Living” which was released independently through TuneCore Music Distribution. Since 2018, the aspiring music recording artist has released over 20 music compositions worldwide under The Awakening, “5th Block Thugz”, “Kei’pha’nna”, “The Ancient of Dayz”, “Christ Je’sus” and his latest creation “Southern Keith”.

The eclectic artist delivers a momentous and memorable style with his latest EP, ‘Enflamed’, which is based on a true story of his inspiration to succeed this year in 2022.

Being motivated by a friend who continues to push God’s Son the Brave Prince of Life to write a hit song, the artist galvanized his techniques and skills, with an intention to achieve commercial success in the music industry.


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