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Exploring the Masterful Storytelling of Anthony Kannon & Frost Gamble in "Cautionary Tales

Released today through New Dawn Records, the new album "Cautionary Tales" by award winning Ithacan rapper Anthony Kannon and veteran New York State producer Frost Gamble, now resident in Canada.

Authentically powerful, the young lyricist draws on his own real life battles and challenging circumstances to convey a wide range of subject matter represented throughout the aptly titled release. Having survived the trauma of being shot by armed intruders to the family home, it is a remarkable journey encapsulated in a series of biographical depictions, all with an underlying theme of survival, escape, progression and transformation.

This is Storyville of a life less ordinary handled with impressive maturity through a narrative packed full of dope rhymes and skillful wordplay set to the highest caliber soundtrack provided by Frost, himself a Juno Awards nominee for his production on Fresh IE's "Ill Street Blues" in 2020.

The pair have two upcoming album launch events, the first at The Osborne Taphouse, Winnipeg on Thursday October 26th, then on Saturday November 18th at Deep Dive, Ithaca


1. Pitfalls

2. Lazy Eye

3. Make It Rain

4. Take It Easy ft Shea & Justo the MC (co-produced by Serge Paul)

5. Long Ride

6. Never Was Cool

7. Cold Start

8. Miss Daisy

9. Conye

10. Second Floor

11. Echo Echo ft Tone Chop

12. Thousand People


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