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'For Ever Phamou$' - New Album Released by Mr. Phamou$ - #HHOE

Minneapolis, Minnesota – New Age Rap isn’t the most universally accepted genre. Many rap fans are clinging to the past, claiming these new age rappers to be mere shadows of the legend from before. However, artists like Mr. Phamou$ are reminding everyone why new age rappers aren’t meant to be taken lightly.

Mr. Phamou$ is a New Age Rapper from Minneapolis who has been recording music since 2017. His aim is to create original music that gets his audience up and moving. All of his music has been created to inspire, motivate, and brighten the lives of his listeners. The artist is intent on getting to know his fans and fellow artists. With a loyal fan base, he hopes to release more and more music and help the world know him as an artist and individual. The artist aims to express himself as authentically as possible through his music.

The rapper expresses his admiration for the artists who came before him. He is inspired by the music around him, irrespective of genre. With a love for music and his fellow musicians, Mr. Phamou$ hopes to get big enough to be able to make an impact on the industry. His legacy and resources are meant to fuel the next generation of musicians.

Mr. Phamou$’s latest album, ‘For Ever Phamou$’, is all about the good vibes. Every song puts the listener in a dancing mood and will have them tapping their feet to the beat.

The new album and his other music is available to stream on all major streaming platforms. For more information about the artist, visit his official website. Make sure to follow his journey through his social media.


Mr. Phamou$ is an independent rapper. The artist has been creating music since 2017. With a great work ethic and determination to succeed, the artist releases his latest album today!


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