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FreeVibe Welcomes The New Year With A New Song – ‘Nonstop’ - #HHOE

FreeVibe welcomes the New Year with a new song he calls ‘Nonstop’, a nonstop rap on a hip-hop beat produced by Viki Beats.

The lyrics of this song is aggressive and expresses FreeVibe’s disappointment and mistrust in [fake] friends.

FreeVibe incorporates his native language and English together, which makes it refreshing to listen, as this helps to stimulate the listener and amaze them at his bilingual abilities. – Olivia Nicholls (Reyt Good Magazine)

Nonstop, being rap music, sounds introspective and expresses the rapper’s point of view. However, the good part is, anybody who loves rap music can relate to this song.


FreeVibe is a Hip-Hop/Afro-Pop artist from Ghana who is now running a series of campaigns to promote his latest release, ‘Nonstop’.

A music enthusiast from his early ages, FreeVibe has been into music since the age of five (where he used to play with friends, using empty containers as drums and sticks as microphones).

After completing high school in 2013, FreeVibe started writing his own songs and formed the rap crew, “The Rap Dealers”. However, the group disbanded in 2015 and this made FreeVibe to take a solo path as an artist.

Ever since he started releasing songs, FreeVibe has released inspiring songs including “Gye Wani”, “Am Going Wild” and “Memories”. In 2017, he released “The Revolution” EP, an album of five songs. In 2018, he also released another album, the “Upness” album, an eight-track album (with introspective Hip-Hop songs for reasoning, and Afro-Pop tunes that will force you to dance).


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Apr 14, 2021

I love this vibe 🔥

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