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Germany’s Best Kept Secret, Musician, and Songwriter QuaShawna Drops New Tune "Get Your Swerve On"

With love & passion for music the talented artist QuaShawna is stepping back on the music scene after a break. Her sensitivity for music, her cultural background and her way of sound are something special which could be a great benefit in her music career.

Born in South Korea QuaShawna who grew up in Germany is a talented vocalist, rapper and songwriter and skilled in styles such as R&B, Rap and Soul proving that she is proficient in commercial as well as underground styles. Rare but true…

When you ask her about what type of music she does, her answer is:

"I didn’t want to do just one type of music. In the beginning I really thought about what type of music do I want to do and release but personally I thought I’d like to do and write whatever I feel like… so why putting myself only in one type of niche when it comes to music… So I did what I really want to do - that’s music!"

As a child she started singing in a choir and early discovered her passion for Hip-Hop and R&B music and choreography dancing that always has been an important part of her life. In 2004 she teamed up with a local DJ and producer team 'Mystikal Tunes' (DJ Prime & DJ Montana) and rapper ‚Young Jayo' who she met in the clubs. At that time 'Mystikal Tunes' were looking for a female singer to get own music productions started, so the musical milestone was set.

Starting off with well-known club events in the Northwest of Germany QuaShawna performed on numerous stages as singer, rapper and female MC for the DJ Team ‚Mystikal Tunes‘ in several clubs throughout whole Germany. She took the chance to get airplay directly in the clubs for her own music. She also did opening performances as a MC with various DJs for artists like Ryan Leslie, Cassie, Busta Rhymes, DJ Kool, Lumidee, Fatman Scoop, Montell Jordan, Shawn Desman, Latif, K-Young, Danny Fernandes, In Essence, Coolio, DJ Chubby Chub, e.g.

In 2009 QuaShawna featured a German rapper and was part of his music video. The instrumental of 'More Money' was also produced by Mystikal Tunes.

After her first EP release 'My Apology' her first written R&B ballade which turned out to be real ear catcher with clubby vibe which consists of melodic vocals and additionally great arrangement of strings, piano and lot of harmony and melody, she just released her second EP "Get Your Swerve On" and bringing that old crunk rap vibe back.

"Get Your Swerve On" reminds of the Crunk era time with this commercial touch. Which is perfect for airplay and clubs all over the world. That hard baseline with that deep and rough rap voice bringing that unique style and induces the fans to great waves of enthusiasm.

Her first official music video for "My Apology" will be released on the 1st of May this year and for her current single "Get Your Swerve On" a video is also in the stage of planning.

QuaShawna is currently working on some new music and features projects with other artists. The new way of digital distribution will be a great way and opportunity to reach more fans so therefore she will keep pushing her music as the Asian singer, rapper and songwriter worldwide.

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Joey Burns
Joey Burns
18 abr 2021

new talent, just joined your website

Me gusta

Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
17 abr 2021

Germany in the building

Me gusta

Carl B
Carl B
16 abr 2021


Me gusta
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