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Get Familiar With Blogger & Latin Trap Artist CALAXANAS

It is not every day one comes across a blogger who pulls double duty as a musician. Alas, here we are, and here is CALAXANAS. The New York-based talent is working around the clock to make sure their voice is heard on multiple levels, whether in blog form or in song via their debut single, “MIELDA.”

“MIELDA” represents CALAXANAS through and through. Hispanic trap beats highlight CALAXANAS’ culture while delivering a familiar trap vibe to those who live for the genre. It’s vibrant, lively, and is prone to get the blood rushing throughout listeners’ bodies as movement while listening to “MIELDA” is not promised but rather guaranteed. This is the first of many fresh Latin trap beats to come, and when CALAXANAS isn’t making music – they’re blogging about it. 

Being from the Bronx, CALAXANAS has their ear to the street. With that, they know all too well how much talent is tucked away in every borough of the city that never sleeps, and they want to shine a light on their creative peers on their blog as well as across the board on social media. Spreading love is one thing, but CALAXANAS also receives it right back. Recently they got a shout out from none other than Messiah el Artista, the originator of Latin trap. 

For more music from CALAXANAS, please visit:

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