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Get Familiar With California Musician & Songwriter Nubiiian G

Hailing from the South Bay Region of Los Angeles County, Carson, CA to be exact. The section of Del Amo hails Nubiiian G a singer-songwriter & rapper with undeniable delivery and voice that separates her from the crowd. Nubiiian G gives us plenty of variety musically with her soulful G funk production and lyrically abilities as not only a vocalist but a lyricist as well. Losing her father is one of the main reasons she’s determined to give music a second chance to manifest greatly beyond her wildest dreams.

This go around has given her the much needed focus and fuel to succeed as a songwriter, and creative in this industry. Her influences stem from a variety of artist from Ice Cube to Big L, Da Brat to Lauryn Hill, and the list goes on! The songstress has 2 new projects out now which are Hiiiatus & Blunted In Rotation, as she gears up to record her 3rd project NHO (Nothing Happens Ova Night). We look forward to Nubiiian G's official arrival and domination on the West Side, as Ice Cube would say “it’s hidden on the West Side.”

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Get Familiar with California musician, songwriter and entertainer Nubiiian G.

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