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Get Familiar With Emerging Hip-Hop & Rap Artist Terence Penny

Hailing from Toronto’s west-end is Terence Penny - an artist and community outreach leader revolutionizing the Toronto rap scene one track at a time. He was born and raised on Shoreham Court, steps away from the culturally rich neighbourhood of Jane and Finch. Terence’s mission is to amplify his voice through music as a means to trailblaze the way, especially for those from similar, humble beginnings.

“I know I have a story to tell because God narrated it.”

A versatile entertainer, Terence’s music career began at the age of 18 when he was first introduced to gospel rap. He has always been an avid hip-hop listener, but hearing the genres fused together inspired him to create his own lyrically conscious rhymes. Influenced by artists like Lecrae, Lauryn Hill and Headie One, cultivating hip-hop quickly became Terence’s outlet as he realized his life experiences are some that many can relate to. Since then, Terence continued honing his flow and writing original lyrics that would motivate and educate with an undeniable flair. 

When he’s not creating anthems, Terence facilitates programs that address the importance of opportunity, education and artistic expression in low income communities. He actively works with the City of Toronto, Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation through various community outreach initiatives such as the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy and Arts in the Parks.

Most recently, Terence released his new EP entitled ‘TP the EP 2’. The project is full of lyrical entendre and melodic beats that complement his voice seamlessly. The new project features songs like ‘Twenty Twenty’, ‘Worthwhile’ and ‘Norf’ that are destined to solidify his place on the Toronto music map. 

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