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Growing Artist TravNSD Releases New Single - #HHOE

With his stunning and unforgettable new single titled “Ride da Wave”, rising artist TravNSD is making a name for himself in the competitive world of Hip Hop

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter TravNSD is a budding sensation in the world of Rap and Hip-Hop music. Rejuvenating the genre with an individualistic vibe, dominated by strong and sensory lyricism and songwriting, the rising artist is a true force in the genre.

With the release of his refreshing new single “Ride da Wave”, the growing artist highlights a stellar and dynamic flow in his musical compositions, which is already being met with massive acclaim from his fan following. Inspired by icons of Hip Hop and R&B such as Drake, TravNSD’s music encapsulates stirring song writing and beats which transport any listener to a different dimension.

With a captivating and memorable hook and lyricism which truly captures an authentic spirit of Hip Hop, the budding artist’s new single has already amassed 55k streams on his official music platforms. Having released on April 23rd 2021, “Ride da Wave” is featured by talented and rising Hip Hop artist In Bloom and is an anthem for the times to come. The single narrates a rich and vivid story about the duplicity of women who chase exteriors and the shimmering and enticing trap of materialism.

Currently, TravNSD is diligently working on his upcoming second mixtape which will complement his newly released single and music video “Ride da Wave”, which will continue his musical journey and follow up on the artist’s last full-length mixtape “Damaged”.

Check out TravNSD’s new music and learn more about him on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.


Hailing from Guyana, South America, up-and-coming artist TravNSD (Trav Never Stop Dreaming) was always moved and inspired by the power of music, and of his own hidden talents in singing. As a young child, the budding singer was a part of the church choir and also played drums, whenever his grandmother took him to church in Guyana. This piqued his interests in singing and allowed him to hone his vocal skills and prowess.

After moving to the United States, the young artist settled in Brooklyn and continued to evolve and grow his musical abilities. Influenced by icons such as Tupac, Biggy, Nas and Bob Marley, the rising artist has already collaborated with Brooklyn’s Hip Hop talents such as MC Lyte and Troy. TravNSD’s discography boasts a full-length mixtape titled “Damaged” which amassed more than 10,000 streams. The artist has also been featured on numerous music websites such as Billboard and MTV and has conducted more than 50 live performances.

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