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Harmonious Hip Hop Tunes which Connect to God: Introducing to the World Josh Fonzarelli - #HHOE

Josh Fonzarelli creates music that reflects the soulful transition of growth from pits of adversity and struggle to fields of inner peace and prosperity

Greensboro, North Carolina – December 1st, 2020- A gifted and emerging name in the Hip Hop and Rap scene, Josh Fonzarelli is set to send waves across the music industry. A promising artist from Greensboro, North Carolina, Josh Fonzarelli is a powerhouse of talent and finesse. Josh is a dual threat, being a Rapper and Producer who has created the most soulful and stunning music tracks, delivering stories of his past and connections to God.

Josh Fonzarelli’s artistic genius can be seen by the fact that he writes, performs, and produces his own unique material. All his music up till now has been self-published and self-released and highlights a distinct story of its own. His noteworthy release, “Aloof” follows and builds on the sheer musical brilliance of his 2019 track, “Peace”. With his superb control over the genres of Rap and Hip Hop, Josh Fonzarelli delivers soulful vocals in each track, along with stunning lyrics that tell the magical stories of spiritual connection and divine spirit.

Josh Fonzarelli is inspired by the strong, emotional connections of nature and spiritual love. He has a strong conviction in the existence of God and delivers deep messages of love, harmony and peace found in connecting to God in his music. He firmly believes that music has been his calling for a while and began to delve into the world of musical spirit and hip hop from an early age. At the age of 8, Josh received his first DJ equipment and ever since, has only grown and learnt to produce beautiful and melodious musical pieces. Today, at the age of 27, Josh Fonzarelli remains determined, swiftly overcoming life’s many obstacles and hurdles on his way to success. Josh independently releases his music and is on the right track towards becoming a solid, full-time independent artist in the industry. Josh aims to collaborate with major labels as an independent producer and become a driving inspiration for many independent up-and-coming artists around the country.


Josh Fonzarelli is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is 1 of the 3-membered trio Black Profit. Josh is an up-and-coming musician looking to break into the rap and Hip-Hop musical industry and become a symbol for indie artists nationally. For inquiries, he can be contacted on his personal email address and contact number.


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