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Hip-Hop Artist BlabberMouf Drops New Video: "Rampage" Prod. by Sneadr

In between touring with L'entourloop, BlabberMouf went to Frankfurt/Germany to shoot this music video for his latest album 'Blabberastic Semantics". The visual is directed and edited by Bruno Papic.

Watch BlabberMouf latest video "Rampage"

The Album

"BLABBERASTIC SEMANTICS" is a collaboration album between the Netherland-based Rapper BlabberMouf and Producer Sneadr.

The atmosphere on "BLABBERASTIC SEMANTICS" is diverse. Going from hard grimey bangers but also more smooth vibey tracks. Of course there is the fast rapping ragamuffin influence and interesting concepts that vary from track to track. The approach here feels different and more spontaneous than in previous works. Considering all the songs were made on the spot, as in ‘’nothing was pre-meditated before the session,’’ meaning everything was written in the studio in the heat of the moment.

Most of the beats were also made that way, with a few exceptions. In that sense, it’s a back-to-the-roots kind of thing on this album, living more in the moment and not overthinking everything. Leaving the imperfect as is, more like it was in the earlier releases RAW.

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