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Hip Hop Artist Jay-P’s Releases His Anticipated Album

The fine free-flowing rappers’ album named the single “Hustle Avenue” as the first single off Hustle Avenue Vol.2 which features Nick Mash.

The 17 track album features controversial songs like N#gga What ChiggaWho, Let Me Hear A F@#K You, Ride Or Die and Money, Hoes, Doe, Paper. An array of Radio friendly songs such as Alright and the clean edit of Hustle Avenue are prominent on the Album.

Jay-P also brushes over his spiritual side on God Forbid I Should Die and typical of the title Hustle Avenue keeps making references to coming from underdog status quo taking on hip-hop and the entire industry.

The artful Ugandan Rapper and Entrepreneur Jay-P shares his third studio album Hustle Avenue which drew praise and criticism, cheers and jeers with mixed reactions to it

The critically acclaimed album which blends controversy, the hunger to succeed in life, street antics, discrimination, braggadocio as well as humility is Jay-P’s third album, Hustle Avenue: Volume 2, available on all leading Music stores via Recipe Records/ RX Edition Music.

“Alright” marks the second single off Hustle Avenue Vol.2 which features Nick Mash, following the sensual “Hustle Avenue.”

“More Than Money” marks the third single off Hustle Avenue Vol.2 which features Nick Mash, following the sensual “Something Different.”

Jay-P first rose to prominence in late 2012 with his hit single “Credibly Evident,” which sampled Teddy Pendergrass’ “Close The Door.” Releasing his debut Album Credibly Evident in early 2013. While the artist received positive feedback for his numerous songs, he did not publish most of his works on mainstream media then.”

Initially doing music for the love, the Rapper turned entrepreneur decided he might as well make a living from his art. At the start, Jay-P could not afford studio time so he turned his bedroom into a DIY studio before moving it to the garage in his parents’ house as it grew. He couldn’t afford a manager so he learned everything he could learn about the music business. With a tough time breaking into the industry he became financially disciplined committing his earnings to his music and businesses.

Hustle Avenue Vol.2 is Jay-P’s 3rd studio album and a 3 volume series of albums, the first being Orbis Unum In My Lifetime Vol.1 which was released last year. Hustle Avenue is a 16 track album released by Recipe Records an entity founded by Jay-P.

The album highlights themes like fighting to make it out of poverty, torment, hardships, in a nutshell, the unpleasant life in the midst of inevitable obstacles such as negative social attitudes, stereotypes, and bias.

The album highlights the toast, the boast, humility, assertiveness stroking sorrowful themes like death as Jay-P lost some friends who were influential to his music career but have not lived to see the progress.

Hustle Avenue is a typical gangster rap album embracing Mafioso vibe and themes keeping them in touch with reality in a justified manner. Elements of pop and other genres are also embedded in the album.

Humor is frequent in the album where Jay-P showcases his intellect skillfully/tactfully engaging wordplay to tell street-styled stories, cracking jokes. He does not forget for a second that when all is said and done, it is entertainment.

The album features production from Max Million, XXL Beats, Alexander, DJ Dsign, Cronic Beats, Talented N Hungry, Allanor Draville, Esty Beats, Palma De Nigris and Justin Majors. Artists on the album are Nick Mash, J. Maven, Rick Taka, Habo, Mickey So-Low, and OzOne.

The album is anticipated to debut on the music charts in the next few weeks of release in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

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