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Hip-Hop Artist 'Oskybod' Drops New Album "Fever Dreaming"

Imagine releasing over 30 songs in one year. Well, that’s exactly what went down. Oskybod, a Vero Beach native, dropped 30 songs on his Spotify artist page and a music video on Youtube. Oskybod is also planning on dropping a Studio EP on Christmas Day 2020.

Oskybod is one of the up-and-coming rap/trap artists from the Eastern Florida area and has a lot of potentials to become an industry name. Having gone from doing rapping as a hobby a year ago and having 30 songs and a music video out says a lot about his work ethic and commitment to improvement and excellence!

In late April, Oskybod dropped his first album on Spotify which had around 10 songs. This album wasn’t too impressive, but it was a stepping stone to what his music could become. He began experimenting with different techniques to make the audio sound better, such as wrapping a wooly sock around his phone to cut out any interference, then he would send the recorded audio files of the song to his producer so he could add, compress, and edit them along with the beat he’d make. For their first 30 songs, Oskybod had no access to a studio, mic, interface, or soundboard.

Potential and talent. Potential and talent is definitely something that Oskybod and his producer possess. The fact that he and his producer’s music sounds so good without any of the equipment mentioned before speaks volumes to the level of ability that these two can use in order to succeed. It’s taken Oskybod many tries to try and find a genre that defines him, but he finally reached the conclusion that he is a rap/ trap artist with his own personal flare.

Commitment. If Oskybod is anything, he’s committed. Oskybod has proved that with a dedication to writing multiple tracks, using different recording techniques despite not having access to a studio, and finding a unique genre that defines him, that he has what it takes to succeed at the highest level of music. He’s driven, focused, and willing to go all the way in order to reach his goals!

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