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Hip-Hop Artist Releases New Music About Black Wealth and Ownership

Philadelphia, PA — The first single from Lou Anthony’s debut studio album SELF: Something Everyone Looks For was released in September, and the music video came early this March. In this article, Anthony breaks down the song’s symbolism and why it is important to the establishment of wealth in the Black community.

The title of the song is “Minds & Hours,” a play of words referencing a popular phrase in modern English.

“Well I think people are already familiar with the phrase ‘yours, mine, and ours,’” said Anthony in an interview with The Ludlow Authorships. “It’s a known saying, it’s easy to remember, it’s easy to say. It sticks, so that’s the first trick.”

The 25 year old musician and entrepreneur explained, “The words in the title represent the two biggest things that control our world and our lives within the world — our own minds… and time. We treat time like it’s God,” said Anthony. “We obey it, we live by it, and best believe we’re afraid of it.”

To listen to the song:

Anthony continued, “Right now, we live in a world where our minds and the idea of time are in conflict. We allow this idea of time to enslave our minds, thus setting hard limitations on our abilities. We often say ‘I can’t because I don’t have enough time, it’ll take too long.'”

“This practice puts people in one big system of monotony that says to us, ‘You cannot survive without obeying this system. This system of time,” said Anthony. ” It restricts them from ever believing in self democracy, which means having control over your own life.”

Anthony then added, “What controls your life? Your mind. What controls your mind? Time.”

A young business owner and aspiring tycoon, Anthony insisted that the song’s substance does not stop there. It is also the lyrics within the record that bring an even deeper meaning to its audience.

“I’m talking about Black ownership,” said Anthony. “I’m encouraging more and more Black business, more Black opportunity, and the most dominant message in it is that we have to take the initiative if this is what we want. Centuries of begging got us nowhere.”

On how the song directly impacts the streets and the urban population, Anthony said, “I’m telling my community to go on and get it! I’m not bragging or trying to be flashy,” he said. “Instead I’m letting them know that you can do it. You can make it and you don’t have to do it by any means outside of your own.”

Minds & Hours is a collaboration between Anthony and beatmaker Nabil Sioty. The cover art for the single was done by Anthony’s long-time friend and artist Daniara Austin.

PRESS CONTACT: The Ludlow Sounds, LLC (215) 300-7860

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