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Hip-Hop Music with Substantial Lyricism & Storytelling: Shaany LaBrea Drops New Visual

Transforming hip-hop into a powerful message with breathtaking lyrics, hip-hop artist Shaany LaBrea is breaking into the mainstream with his inspiriting new video single, 'So United'

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, DECEMBER 1, 2023 – With the significant potential to become a breakthrough artist in the rap genre, Shaany LaBrea's latest video release, 'So United,' is clearly on its way to the top. The promising artist speaks on how melanin people need to unite as one to witness their full potential in life. The new single is sure to soar to a new level as fans continue to spread the word about Shaany LaBrea's visual.

'So United' is a memoir of the world we live in today, addressing the many problems and issues of the black community, with constantly broken spirits and the lack of inspiration. The video single will most definitely grasp the listener's attention and traverse their way of thinking toward a better way of life.

Follow Shaany LaBrea's journey on social media and digital streaming platforms. 'So United' is available now on #YouTube and all music streaming platforms.

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