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Hip-Hop Rap Artist Kingtramoney Releases New Single “Ball Out”

Rapper Kingtramoney is pleased to announce that he has just released a new single, titled “Ball Out.” The rapper, whose birth name is Trashawn Oliver, is a self-competing person. He was inspired by his mother to go into rap music at an early stage.

Kingtramoney is a rapper born in Minnesota, Minneapolis but raised in Racine, Wisconsin and now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Commenting on how he began his rap music journey, the rapper said, “I love to rap, and it’s my passion. When I was 15, my mom started teaching me how to rap in the kitchen. Then ever since, I’ve been going to the studio making songs and hoping one day I become successful in the industry. I’m 19 now.”

The young rapper is full of ambitions and always working hard to get to the top. He also draws inspiration from other rappers like Polo G, Lil Tjay, and Lil baby to become a better rap artist because of their lyrical prowess coupled with smooth rhymes. While it is often hard to find good rappers who deliver good lyrics nowadays, these maestros combine it with good rhymes effortlessly, making it impossible for their songs to be ignored. Little wonder they have become a source of inspiration to other artists like Kingtramoney.

Kingtramoney takes his musical creation with utmost dedication and it reflects in his meticulous techniques. First, he sits down to write the lyrics, then he works with the beat that has been created, and gives so much attention to practicing his music before he decides to begin recording. He ensures that other people listen to his music and critique it so that he can improve on anything he may have missed. It’s a really careful process that ensures his fans get the best of him.

It is astonishing how Kingtramoney, at only 19, has already started a whole career for himself from his mother’s kitchen. There is no doubt he will keep going higher. There’s a lot in the pipeline for Kingtramoney, so endeavor to keep an eye on this young and promising bundle of talent.

Watch the Kingtramoney’s “Ball Out” video on YouTube: You can catch Kingtramoney on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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