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Hip-Hop Rapper and Dancer LTtheMonk Coins the “New Monk Swing"

Melding all of his influences, the London, UK expat known as LTtheMonk fuses dance music with hip-hop and pop to create his own unique sound, something quintessentially “LT.” And in “New Monk Swing,” LT takes you through those influences, describing himself as the love child of Prince’s Minneapolis sound and James Brown’s tight funk. His album, Uptown Intern #333, is slated for release on October 20th.

Think back to the late 80s and early 90s, when the R&B and hip-hop subgenre known as the New Jack Swing was defined and popularized by artists like Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown & Bell Biv DeVoe. The New Jack style was characterized by R&B melodies over hip-hop beats that you could dance to, and since LT’s style is dance music mixed with hip-hop lyrics and R&B choruses, a lot of similarities can be drawn from his music to New Jack Swing. So LT coined his own style and named his latest song, “New Monk Swing.

Listen to the new dance floor classic now, “New Monk Swing”

Click the link Below to Stream Now

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