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Hip Hop Recording Artist “Taylorman” Keeping Hip Hop Alive

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 18, 2021 - Torell Taylor, born and raised from Toledo, OH who goes by the stage name “Taylorman,” is causing waves in hip-hop community. Primarily composing Hip Hop and R&B genres, Taylorman’s work is an electric blend of pop, R&B, dance, and several other genres. The artist has a unique taste in music, something that is quite reflective in his compositions. Of course, the musician’s considerable experience in the entertainment business has also honored this taste. With over ten years of experience, to be exact, Taylorman has already released & published a few music projects under his own independent label “Taylorman Music Group LLC” known as “TMG” which is a signature drop found in most of his songs on his projects and featured songs on other artist projects and he is also registered as a publisher with ASCAP. Taylorman packed and departed Ohio and took his talents to NYC back in 2009 to reach higher heights of his music career and is still on the move as we speak today.

Drawing from extensive industry experience as well as his own natural talents for music, Taylorman has released quite a few tracks. His most recent release back in July 2021 is a double album called, ‘Resurrection Hip Hop and R&B Edition,’ which is available on all major music platforms such as Spotify, Vevo, and Apple Music. A true work of art, the double album “Resurrection” is about Taylorman vibes, experiences, stories, romance, fun times with inspiration installed into multilayering instruments and powerful vocals that capture the listener’s attention, Taylorman has also teamed up with some really hot producers from around the way for his Resurrection album with such producers like Track Pros, Beats Planet, Fantom, Sinato, 831 Beatz, Scarecrow, Audamatik and more. Taylorman’s latest release hit single, “Power Couple,” sitting at 31k views plus on youtube is an energy-packed song that sticks around in mind. A message to healthy, nurturing relationships, this track is one of Taylorman’s more hit compositions along side his b-side single “I Ain’t Got Time” featuring Da Capital G.P which is another song by Taylorman that will register in your head heavily because of how obvious people in the world now days just ain’t got time for any of the nonsense of the world, and with that being said Taylorman paints you the picture within the hit song itself.

A man of many talents with no intentions of slowing down, the artist has already launched his own Taylorman Clothing Line alongside ready to release his first seasonal holiday project called “Christmas Holiday EP” which will be released Thanksgiving Day 2021 on all music digital platforms at the strike of midnight which features 5 of Taylorman’s hottest christmas song creations on different levels of genre sounds. Taylorman welcomes listeners to listen to his music and buy them if they like it. His releases can be found here. The artist also welcomes feedback in the comments section on YouTube and is open to reviews and interviews about his music. Lastly, Taylorman loves to travel and perform all over the world hitting the stage with other artists of all genres and can be contacted with the information provided in this article for bookings, live performances, and live tours.

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