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Hip-Hop’s Don B. Announces New Upcoming EP, “Death to the Trap”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 – Hip-Hop Artist Don Badgett has announced his latest project titled "Death to the Trap" EP. The project is a call for others to ditch 'the trap' lifestyle and build generational wealth with positive alternatives.

As an artist who overcame his own trial and tribulations, "Death to the Trap" explains how the 'the trap' lifestyle is not as glamorous as its media portrayal, and that is it not the only path to success. He believes that this causes many violent crimes. This project is important to Don because there are high rates of gun violence and death. He wants to show a positive alternative to the lifestyle and inspire others to seek legal streams to generate wealth. Being a college graduate and successful business owner himself, Don knows it can be done.

'Moment of Silence' is the first single on "Death to the Trap" that will be widely available on September 30th, 2022. The "Death To The Trap" EP is scheduled to drop in November 2022.

To keep up with announcements of "Death to the Trap," follow Don B. on Instagram @thereal_donb.

Follow the movement on all streaming platforms and pre-save "Moment of Silence" and "Death To The Trap" here:

For media inquiries, contact:

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